20 Experiments with Magnets and Magnetism STEM Jojo Science show Ep 45

In this kid science video Jojo shows 20 experiments with magnets, magnetism and electromagnetism. Have you ever wondered how a magnet works and how magnetism works, then watch this video. Jojo explains how magnets are formed with spinning electrons and unpaired electrons and how electricity can be produced using magnets

Spoiler alert:
1. Make a magnet
2. Make an electromagnet
3. Electric motor
4. Homopolar motor
5. Aluminum spinner
6. Battery roller
7. Tube battery roller
8. copper coil train
9. How speakers work
10. Diamagnetic fruit
11. Make a solenoid
12. Electromagnetic induction
13. Eddy Currents in a copper pipe
14. Eddy currents in aluminum foil
15. move foil with a magnet
16. magnetic pendulum
17. Make a ferrofluid
18. Make a compass
19. Dynamo torch
20 Mining for magnetite

Kid science is easy fun and educational.

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These experiments are for education and entertainment purposes and are done under professional supervision. If you choose to repeat any of these experiments, it is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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