A DOGGONE ADVENTURE – *Hot New Movie Release*

The canine hero from A Doggone Hollywood and A Doggone Christmas, Murphy (“Just Jesse the Jack”) enlists a group of junior detectives and their dad, host of a popular TV show (Kurt Yaeger), to help them unravel the mystery behind Murphy’s telepathic talents. But things get even more mysterious when they find themselves entangled in a world of UFOs, futuristic sky sleds and unscrupulous secret agents.

Vision Films and Team 5 Entertainment

are proud to present the new, exciting family film,

A Doggone Adventure.

Directed by Tony Randel, this movie will be the final instalment in the trilogy starring everyone’s favorite Jack Russell terrier, “Just Jesse the Jack” and introducing for the first time his baby stage brother, Jake.

Starring Kurt Yaeger (Sons of Anarchy), Dominique Swain (Face/Off), Paul Logan (Days of our Lives), Walker Mintz (This is Us), Jayden Hedden (A Doggone Hollywood), Jonathan Tysor (Nessie and Me), Sydney Thackrey (A Doggone Christmas), Dilan Patton (Wizard of Youth) and internet sensation Just Jesse the Jack (A Doggone Christmas), A Doggone Adventure is now available on DVD and VOD.