Find The Time Music Video – The Mini Band aged 8 to 10

Find The Time, written by The Mini Band aged 8 to 10 in the UK.

The Mini Band are:
Harrison Read: Lead Vocal aged 8
Harry Esson: Lead Guitar aged 8
Zoe Thomson: Lead Guitar aged 8
Kieran Fell: Rhythm Guitar aged 8
Archie Zolotuhin: Bass Guitar aged 10
Charlie Emmons: Drums aged 10

Song Lyrics:

Find the time

You can wait forever to just let go
And you can wait forever to stay
You can wait forever to let me know
And you can go on your own way


If you can find the time to make it right
Then so can I
Are we going around again?
For you my friend it never ends

Verse 2
You were never ready to take your prize
And you were never willing to stay
You were never ready to stop your lies
So I went my own way

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Video created by Mark Stopher & Christopher Pearless:
Can’t thank them enough for this! Jolly cold day though!
Band contact email:
Tel: +44 7988 888478 or +44 1635 866000

Special thanks also to Dan Leigh, Carlos Garcia, Ryan Burnett, Sam Butler and Sam Winfield for helping make this possible.