Image & Self-Esteem Issues | Teen Talk | Sapphire

Image & Self Esteem Issues | Teen Talk | Sapphire
I haven’t uploaded a Teen Talk video in a very long time. This video about teen insecurities, image and self-esteem issues means a lot to me (which you’ll probably notice), as I myself am a very self-conscious person. I really wanted this video to be as simple as possible – no clever cuts, no scripted scenes, and most of all no makeup. Wearing no makeup in a video is a huge thing for me as I definitely feel a lot more confident wearing it, but being surrounded by so many positive and supportive people has really helped me come to terms with my insecurities, and has really taught me to embrace my flaws and imperfections. On my Instagram, I asked you guys to send in any insecurities you may have (a few of them are mentioned anonymously in this video) and the response was eyeopening. Every single one of us has at least one insecurity, even if we deny it, we all do. Whether it be triggered by perfect instagrammers, or a jealous comment – everyone has something they feel self-conscious about. For me personally, my biggest insecurity has always been my teeth. From a young age, I have had comments from all sorts of people about them, so I’ve grown up fearing smiling or photos from the right side of my face. I do talk about this more in-depth in the video as I did very recently get braces and I couldn’t be happier about it, so a huge huge huuuuuuuge thank you to Dr Darsh Patel & everyone at Invisibrace for making it possible.
Much love to you all, Saph x #Sapphire #TeenTalk #SelfEsteem

8:10 #AD BRACES from here: Dr Darsh Patel INVISIBRACE

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