Kid Detectives | S1E1 | Spilt Milk Splatter

In Episode One. How to spot the difference between real diamonds and fakes AND find hidden clues in the patterns made by spilt milk AND using a pencil, some paper and a detective’s sharp memory to identify a suspect AND matching a mystery feather found at the crime scene to whoever – or whatever – committed the crime.

Diamond Switching Fraud
Jake swears the diamonds he is selling are genuine, but Ellie is not so sure. Isabelle goes undercover to buy one of Jake’s diamonds and the girls’ forensic analysis reveals the truth.

Spilt Milk Splatter
A mess in the kitchen has Holly and Alex puzzled. Their clever investigation of the splash patterns left by spilt milk lead to a surprising culprit.

Forensic Artwork
Ellie and Bonnie’s school has been vandalised and both girls think they have caught glimpses of the prime suspect. Bonnie sketches a portrait, but the result is not what they expected.

Feather Boa
Gabriel and Kip’s picnic is raided by an unknown creature with a hunger for chocolate cake. And the culprit has left behind a tantalising piece of evidence: a single feather.