Kid Detectives | S1E5 | All That Glitters

In this episode

Catching a bike thief by taking a close-up look at algae

AND discovering that not all glitter is the same to catch a ballerina-burglar

AND dusting for fingerprints to catch a canteen intruder AND analysing tyre tracks to catch a dahlia-destroyer.

Estuary Algae
Stephanie’s bike has been stolen and dumped in the swamp. An eyewitness saw one of the Dawson boys running away from the crime scene, but can Jake’s algae analysis really tell which one?

All That Glitters
Charlotte and Jelena have a ballet recital, but no Ballerina outfit – it’s been stolen! They track down the outfit – and the guilty party – with the help of some tiny, shiny evidence.

Canteen Fingerprints
Imogen and Kip are on canteen duty but arrive to find the fruit is missing. After securing fingerprints of the culprit they track down the ‘stolen’ goods in time to feed the hungry hordes.

Truck Tyre Tracks
Bonnie discovers her mother’s dahlia plant has been damaged. Felix and Aaron have been racing their remote controlled cars in the vicinity but deny causing the damage. Bonnie comes up with a clever way to identify the car and boy responsible.