Kid Detectives | S1E8 | Document Burglary

In this episode salvaging damaged paper documents with glycerine AND scooping ice cream onto the kitchen floor to determine the time of the crime AND …using chemical analysis to catch a mobile phone thief AND inspecting microscopic flower pollen to solve the mystery of a trampled garden.

Document Burglary
There have been a spate of robberies in Brad and Ellie’s neighbourhood. They scour the street looking for clues and come across a vital document – but it’s scrunched up and soaking wet! With brilliant ingenuity, they salvage the document and reveal the clues they need to catch the robbers.

Ice Cream Alibi
Someone spilled a scoop of ice cream on the kitchen floor and left it there. Pnina and India-Blue come up with a brilliant way to determine the time of the crime and test the alibis of their suspects.

Powder Footprints
Charlotte’s Dad had his mobile phone stolen while he was at a business conference. She and Zoe are called in to track down the thief and they soon find a clue – a strange white powder.

Mr Beluga’s Marigolds
Mr Beluga’s marigolds have been destroyed and he is blaming Tinkerbell the cat. Jed and Otto set out to prove Tinkerbell’s innocence by way of pollen analysis.