Kids From Harry Potter ★ Then And Now

Kids From Harry Potter ★ Then And Now.

This is my third video about child, teenage actors and actresses before and after they grown up. I wanna say that I’ve had a lot of fun making this one, I love Harry Potter movies and this kids are great and they grow up so well 🙂
I included few older cast members to this and skipped less important young characters so list is not perfectly complete, but it was my choice, I didn’t forget about anyone. I’ve also made few mashups, it wasn’t my first intention, but i couldn’t help my self 🙂 and yes i know there is to much Emma Watson here, I just like her 🙂
Few of the great, funny clips in this video I found on so respect for people who create it. All clips I used are from Harry Potter movies, behind the scenes and interviews with cast members. Daniel Radcliffe grown back his hair at the moment, so sorry for click bait.
I hope you will like it. Enjoy!