Laura Marano – BOOMBOX – Jayden Bartels – Music Video Cover


→ Credits ←
Cover by – Jayden Bartels
Twitter @missjaydenb
Instagram @missjaydenb

Lead Girl – Jayden Bartels
Teacher – Sam Bartels
Dancer Girl #1 – Kelsey Cook @thekelseycook
Dancer Girl #2 – Bryanna Fernandez @bryannafernandez9
Dancer Girl #3 – Saryna Garcia @dancer_sarynag
Dancer Girl #4 – Nicole Laeno @nicolelaeno
Dancer Girl #5 – Destinee Mayares @lild0hd0h_des
Dancer Boy #1 – Connor Finnerty @connorfinnerty_
Dancer Boy #2 – Blake Hendricks @thunder_blake123
Dancer Boy #3 – Alex Shulman @thedanceboy

Original song by Laura Marano (@lauramarano)
Producers – Sam Bartels and Yvonne Bartels
Director – Reel Mike Jones (@reelmikejones) and S.T.A.R. Kidz
Creative Director – Guy Amir @guygroove
Editor – Reel Mike Jones
Steadicam Operator – Reel Mike Jones
Production Designer – Reel Mike Jones
Costume Designer – YMB Styles
Choreographer – Guy Amir
Hair & Makeup – YMB Styles
Production Coordinator – Michelle “MBennz” Bennett @mbennz

Special Thanks To :
Guy and Rumer for putting together an amazing piece of choreography. Mike and Michelle for the concept, the videography, editing, and all the little things in between. My friends and castmates who busted their butts in the hot sun to get the dance just right. The parents who shlepped their kids to rehearsal and the shoot, managed wardrobe and makeup, all while keeping themselves and the stars hydrated. YMB Styles for finding all this cool 80’s gear in all of the San Fernando valley’s thrift shops. My dad for helping put all of this together, for supporting me, and for being the best teacher/actor ever!