River – Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran (Cover by Ky Baldwin, Jillian Spaeder & Amy Baldwin) Wall Sitters #1

A couple of weeks ago after filming a music video for an upcoming original song Jillian, Ames and I, whilst traveling on the bus, came up with this cover. Jillian on vocals, me providing the music via my beatboxing and of course Ames on the rap as she always knows all the words.

We filmed a live version at the end of a very long day for Instagram. Turns out it was pretty popular and then Jill’s dad said we should start a group called the “The Wall Sitters”. Now although there is no official group we all that was pretty cool and we’d do a proper cover for this channel.

If you like it – let us know. We may have The Wall Sitters be a semi-regular thing!

All kidding aside, it’s a great song and it’s so great to just collaborate and create with these two. We have alot of fun.

Thanks for watching.

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