Shon Burnett : “Be Your Holiday” : Concert The Next Star 7

Shon Burnett of The Next Star 7, The Trainer 5 and KPOP Star Hunt 2 performing “Be Your Holiday” live and in concert at YTV’s The Next Star 7 Finale show at the age of 12.

Check out the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for my hit song, “Be Your Holiday.” It was filmed on a beach in Toronto, and was SUPER CRAZY FUN!!!

The Next Star 7 live concert took place at Canada Wonderland in Toronto on September 21, 2014.

Shawn Mendes also performed at the live Finale concert, with Dan Kanter – Justin Bieber’s musical director – acting as one of the show’s 3 judges.

Did you know? The producer of Shon’s hit song, “Be Your Holiday,” is none other than Jonah Kanter, the brother of Justin Bieber’s musical director, Dan Kanter.

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