The Baxter Affect : Primary Perception :

An exploration into the Source Field, beginning with the notorious “Baxter Effect”, which also has been dubbed “Primary Perception”. Once ruled out as a myth that has been busted, we’re here to set the record straight, and explore just what IS the Baxter Effect, how does it work, and why it’s worth revisiting as valid evidence of a much greater subject – the energetic fields that connect us all!

The Baxter Effect was an experiment done in the 60’s by a man named cleave Baxter who scientifically proved that plants are not only alive organically but are able to feel emotions as well.
When Cleve Baxter joined the cia in the 60’s and became an interrogator, he decided to see what sort of results he would get after hooking a plant up to his polygraph machine. upon doing so he began to notice the needle moving up and down as if the machine was hooked up to a person.

Amazed by the plants pulsations he wanted to take his a experiment a step further and began wondering what he could do to instill some sort of stress into the plant, as if he was interrogating a person.
He then got the idea to burn the plant but just as quick as his idea came the needle on the polygraph machine bounced up and down rapidly, not only was the plant displaying feelings of fear but the plant seem to know what Cleve Baxter was thinking as well.

Amazed by how alive the plant was he then had no intention to harm the plant but he did take the experiment to a new level by pulling matches out of his secretary’s desk and lighting a match next to the plants leaves. He gotten the same result, the needle moved rapidly up and down as the plant instinctively displayed feelings of fear.

He then put the matches back in the desk and after he closed the drawer the needle slowed down to a slow flat line of activity which the plant seem to display feelings of calmness then.