The Power of Breath: Yoga’s Psychological Benefits : Anjali Mehta : TEDxYouth@SAS

Anjali Mehta explores the psychological benefits of yoga through her own personal experience as a teenage yoga instructor. She shows the impact yoga can have on calming one’s mental state through the simplest of actions: breathing.

Anjali Mehta is a junior at Singapore American School as well as a yoga instructor and yoga therapist. When Anjali started yoga, she was 10 years old. Amidst the extreme expectations for her future, yoga brought her comfort and relaxation; after training to teach at Vyasa Yoga, she started teaching at only 14 years old. She has taught at many places, including the Indian High Commission, Nola Yoga, as a PE teacher for the elementary school at SAS, and even as a trainer for future yoga instructor. Her passion for yoga is boundless, and she plans to continue her involvement for years to come. Other than yoga, Anjali shares a deep passion for clinical psychology which she would like to pursue in the future. She is also a major foodie, writing, reading and is a guitar and badminton player.

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