Tyler Lorette : It Flows : Original

When I wrote this song I was looking back on my musical journey that started young. It reflects on how I feel when I’m performing and writing. For me it’s such an incredible vibe which is similar to how you feel when you’re crushing on someone and they are crushing right back. It just all seems to FLOW!

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Song Written By: Tyler Lorette & Roberta Michele Quilico
In-Studio Vocal Coaching/Production: Roberta Michele Quilico
Vocal School: The Bird Loft School Of Voice, Ontario, Canada
Production/Mixing/Mastering: Adam Newcomb
Recorded At: Newcomb Studios
Instruments Performed and Programmed by: Adam Newcomb
Background Vocals And Background Vocal Arrangements: Roberta Michele Quilico
Videography: Cole Hardy
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Koktan